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Jon's life has been radically changed by interacting with people who are drastically different than him. He co-founded Engaging Cultures Travel to help others have a similar experience. Jon currently resides in Jordan.

We Meet At The Olive Tree

Bombarded daily by images of a violent interpretation of Islam, Islamophobia is digging deeper into many Western nations.

Fear creates a chasm of distrust that keeps us far from one another. Even before we look across to the other side, we associate the other with the images we’ve seen on the news. We assume ill […]

Learn to Cook Mansaf from a Masterchef

Mansaf is unforgettable. As the country’s national dish, it is an essential experience on your Jordan tour. A heaping pile of lamb cooked in a tangy yoghurt sauce and served on a bed of rice, mansaf is truly unique. Whether you’re prepping your tastebuds before your travels, or you’ve tasted this amazing meal and […]

Becoming a Global Citizen

“We now have to be responsible for both fellow citizens of our country and fellow citizens of the world. The question is, ‘Can we figure that out?’” Kwame Anthony Appiah.

Anthony Appiah is a British-born Ghanaian philosopher and cultural theorist. He has been extremely helpful in informing us how to move ahead in a multi-cultural world, realizing we […]

Passport Power

It was a warm day in Indonesia, like most of them are.  Sitting on a bamboo bench, I pulled my American passport out of my front pocket to stop it from sticking to my leg. Glancing at the eyes of my local benchmate, I realized that they were locked not on me, the strange […]

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    National Geographic Traveler names Jordan Insider one of the 50 Tours of a Lifetime

National Geographic Traveler names Jordan Insider one of the 50 Tours of a Lifetime

See the world with new eyes.
This is why we crafted the Jordan Insider tour.
Rob, a recent guest of ours in Jordan who has traveled to over 20 countries around the globe said “I can say without exaggeration that the week-long itinerary put together for my group by Engaging Cultures was among the best travel […]

Why do we use Arabic numerals?

Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, whose name was later Latinized to “Algoritmi” (notice the word “algorithm”?), introduced the Western world to decimals, algebra (Arabic for “reunion of broken parts”), and the indispensable “0.”
Why do we use “Arabic numerals”… which oddly don’t look like the numbers Arabs use?  Find out and more in the above video […]

Empathy Travel and The Power of Outrospection

Travel is dangerous… especially if you are happy with the status quo.

If you don’t like change, especially within yourself, it’s best not to travel.

However, if you want to see what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes and learn to see yourself and the world from a new perspective, travel is essential.

Roman Krznaric, […]

A Letter To An Engaging Cultures Traveler

Dear Traveler,
We’re thrilled you stopped by.  We remember the day we saw you struggling to sift through all the tourist fluff and find something that brought more meaning to your life; not some stale, repackaged itinerary.  It was then we realized we could help you get what you really want out of your Jordan […]

History of the Crusades, Only Not Boring

Planning on seeing some of those Crusader castles on your Jordan tour?  Want a little more background than just watching The Kingdom of Heaven but not interested in reading a whole history book?  Before you come, make sure you take this 10 minute crash course on the Crusades.

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The Fall of the Roman Empire

Need a little more Roman history before your Jordan tour?  Here’s a helpful episode of Crash Course: World History that will give you a feel for the fall of the Roman Empire and help you make sense of all those ruins around Jordan.

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