Learn to Cook Mansaf from a Masterchef

Mansaf is unforgettable. As the country’s national dish, it is an essential experience on your Jordan tour. A heaping pile of lamb cooked in a tangy yoghurt sauce and served on a bed of rice, mansaf is truly unique. Whether you’re prepping your tastebuds before your travels, or you’ve tasted this amazing meal and […]

Aerial Travel Photography from Tunisia

Drones are a new fun trend in travel. Travelers are using the remote control aerial devices to capture travel footage with a different flavor and perspective than our typical on the ground angles.

Here’s a Tunisia drone video featuring various cities in Tunisia; including the cities of Tunis, Bizerte, Monastir, and Sidi Bou Said.

TravelByDrone, has even […]

Petra, Jordan – Time Scanners PBS Programs

Several friends from the U.S. emailed me and shared with me that Petra was being featured on PBS’ Time Scanners.  More specifically, a structural engineer and his team of 3D laser-scanning experts were shedding new light on the marvel of Petra’s Monastery and how it may have been constructed. You can check out the preview above or […]

Becoming a Global Citizen

“We now have to be responsible for both fellow citizens of our country and fellow citizens of the world. The question is, ‘Can we figure that out?’” Kwame Anthony Appiah.

Anthony Appiah is a British-born Ghanaian philosopher and cultural theorist. He has been extremely helpful in informing us how to move ahead in a multi-cultural world, realizing we […]

The Islamic ‘Call to Prayer’ in Jordan and Tunisia.

If you have traveled to a Muslim country or preparing to visit one, you either have heard the ‘Call to Prayer’ or are about to. You don’t even have to be in a Muslim country to hear the ‘Call to Prayer’. Perhaps you have heard it in the U.K. or the U.S.?

We’re often asked what is being […]

Why do we use Arabic numerals?

Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, whose name was later Latinized to “Algoritmi” (notice the word “algorithm”?), introduced the Western world to decimals, algebra (Arabic for “reunion of broken parts”), and the indispensable “0.”
Why do we use “Arabic numerals”… which oddly don’t look like the numbers Arabs use?  Find out and more in the above video […]

History of the Crusades, Only Not Boring

Planning on seeing some of those Crusader castles on your Jordan tour?  Want a little more background than just watching The Kingdom of Heaven but not interested in reading a whole history book?  Before you come, make sure you take this 10 minute crash course on the Crusades.

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The Fall of the Roman Empire

Need a little more Roman history before your Jordan tour?  Here’s a helpful episode of Crash Course: World History that will give you a feel for the fall of the Roman Empire and help you make sense of all those ruins around Jordan.

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Crash Course in Roman History

I’m sad to say that before coming to Jordan, my knowledge of Roman history was… well… basically nonexistent.  If you’re preparing to embark on a Jordan tour and need a brush up, or like me, a complete introduction to Roman history, check out this episode of Crash Course.

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9 Reasons Why Ron Swanson Needs to Tour Jordan

Ron, I challenge you to find a location better than Jordan for your next vacation.  I submit to you the following:

1You’ll never be be served skim milk.  


Come to a land where you will be served whole milk… that’s been fermented… inside a goat skin.  Can’t get this in Pawnee:


2You’ll be in good company. […]

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