The Islamic ‘Call to Prayer’ in Jordan and Tunisia.

If you have traveled to a Muslim country or preparing to visit one, you either have heard the ‘Call to Prayer’ or are about to. You don’t even have to be in a Muslim country to hear the ‘Call to Prayer’. Perhaps you have heard it in the U.K. or the U.S.?

We’re often asked what is being […]

Why do we use Arabic numerals?

Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, whose name was later Latinized to “Algoritmi” (notice the word “algorithm”?), introduced the Western world to decimals, algebra (Arabic for “reunion of broken parts”), and the indispensable “0.”
Why do we use “Arabic numerals”… which oddly don’t look like the numbers Arabs use?  Find out and more in the above video […]

History of the Crusades, Only Not Boring

Planning on seeing some of those Crusader castles on your Jordan tour?  Want a little more background than just watching The Kingdom of Heaven but not interested in reading a whole history book?  Before you come, make sure you take this 10 minute crash course on the Crusades.

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The Fall of the Roman Empire

Need a little more Roman history before your Jordan tour?  Here’s a helpful episode of Crash Course: World History that will give you a feel for the fall of the Roman Empire and help you make sense of all those ruins around Jordan.

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Crash Course in Roman History

I’m sad to say that before coming to Jordan, my knowledge of Roman history was… well… basically nonexistent.  If you’re preparing to embark on a Jordan tour and need a brush up, or like me, a complete introduction to Roman history, check out this episode of Crash Course.

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9 Reasons Why Ron Swanson Needs to Tour Jordan

Ron, I challenge you to find a location better than Jordan for your next vacation.  I submit to you the following:

1You’ll never be be served skim milk.  


Come to a land where you will be served whole milk… that’s been fermented… inside a goat skin.  Can’t get this in Pawnee:


2You’ll be in good company. […]

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“God made us into peoples and tribes so that we may know one another”

Life would be much simpler if we all stayed away from those who weren’t like us.
Our beliefs would never have to be challenged.  We could happily continue on in life thinking we are right about everything, thankful that we are not like “those people.”
Life would be simpler.
However, according to my neighborhood [tooltip title=”the religious […]

Suspending Our Judgement

It’s a reflex for almost all of us.  We see someone and instantly create a story of who they are and what they’re like, even before we’re introduced to them.
As an American living and working in the Middle East, I’ve learned that it’s essential to suspend judgement when you see someone who doesn’t look […]

How Wadi Rum Was Transformed Into The Alien Planet Of Prometheus

Understandably, Ridley Scott has fallen in love with Wadi Rum, Jordan. The special effects team for his film “Prometheus” actually began their work based on his drawing of the majestic desert landscape.

Here’s a video of how that team turned Jordan’s Wadi Rum into the alien planet “LV-223″.


Eating Kershat in Jordan

When traveling, an opportunity often arises to do something outside your comfort zone.

At these moments, I’ve found it helpful to tell myself: “I will not be denied this experience!”… then dive in.

There are certain culinary adventures that travelers don’t often experience when on a Jordan tour. I have lived in Jordan for a while […]