Celebrating Tunisia’s Peace Prize

Here is a video recently released by the Tunisian Ministry of Tourism in celebration of Tunisia recently being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. This how the Ministry of Tourism describes this film: "Tunisia celebrates the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet for its contribution to the young Tunisian democracy. On the [...]

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A Family Holiday On Mars

After the release of the critically acclaimed film The Martian, shot on location in Wadi Rum, the Jordan Tourism Board released the above video where an imaginative little American girl travels to Mars on her family vacation to Jordan. Often used in Hollywood films as the Mars location, Wadi Rum has made quite an impression on [...]

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FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup Jordan 2016 Video

U-17 Women's World Cup is in ‪‎Jordan‬ next year, 2016! Check out above this fun promo video highlighting soccer, beautiful Jordan and many of the stunning travel sites such as Petra, Wadi Rum Desert, and Amman.

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How the Overview Effect Could Change Your Life

We reside inside our own worlds, full of boundaries. Some of those boundaries are real. Most are constructed. Stepping out of that world is one of the healthiest activities you can practice. There is a phenomenon experienced by astronauts called the "Overview Effect." It is a shift in awareness when one leaves the Earth's atmosphere and looks [...]

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2 PBS Videos on Petra to Watch Before Your Jordan Tour

"Petra: Lost City of Stone" aired on PBS's NOVA program last week (video below).  The feature is one of the most fascinating pieces we've seen on Petra.  If you are in the U.S., watch now, while it's free! Geoscientist, Dr. Tom Paradise (whom we've been lucky enough to Interview; see video links below) and others walk [...]

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Is Jordan Safe to Visit 2015? Connect with local people in Jordan before you travel.

We have a fear problem.  While Ebola and ISIS are real issues that need addressed, there is another culprit lurking that we need to be aware of: fear. "It's tempting to panic, or to turn away, or to lock up or isolate everyone who makes us nervous.  But we can (and must) do better [...]

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Learn to Cook Mansaf from a Masterchef

Mansaf is unforgettable. As the country's national dish, it is an essential experience on your Jordan tour. A heaping pile of lamb cooked in a tangy yoghurt sauce and served on a bed of rice, mansaf is truly unique. Whether you're prepping your tastebuds before your travels, or you've tasted this amazing meal and want [...]

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Aerial Travel Photography from Tunisia

Drones are a new fun trend in travel. Travelers are using the remote control aerial devices to capture travel footage with a different flavor and perspective than our typical on the ground angles. Here's a Tunisia drone video featuring various cities in Tunisia; including the cities of Tunis, Bizerte, Monastir, and Sidi Bou Said. TravelByDrone, has [...]

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Petra, Jordan – Time Scanners PBS Programs

Several friends from the U.S. emailed me and shared with me that Petra was being featured on PBS' Time Scanners.  More specifically, a structural engineer and his team of 3D laser-scanning experts were shedding new light on the marvel of Petra's Monastery and how it may have been constructed. You can check out the preview above or from [...]

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Becoming a Global Citizen

"We now have to be responsible for both fellow citizens of our country and fellow citizens of the world. The question is, 'Can we figure that out?'" Kwame Anthony Appiah. Anthony Appiah is a British-born Ghanaian philosopher and cultural theorist. He has been extremely helpful in informing us how to move ahead in a multi-cultural world, realizing we [...]

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