What is a “Single Supplement”?

Our prices are based on two people sharing a room.  If you would like a room to yourself, our prices change.  The surcharge on the itinerary page indicates what that price will be.  If you’re traveling alone but would like to room with another traveler, we will do our best to make that happen.

What is an “Outrider” Trip?

An “Outrider” is a trailblazer… a forerunner.  When we add a new itinerary, or a new item on our itinerary, we give “Outrider” prices.  You will get an exclusive experience at a huge discount.  As an Outrider, you will be a forerunner and tell us what you like about these new experiences and help us shape them for the future.  Be the first, and report to those who will travel after you.  Outriders need to be flexible, and eager to give honest feedback.

If you have more questions about what this might look like for you, Contact Us

What Should I Bring?



Comfortable shoes for walking/hiking
Bug spray
Camping towel (if your itinerary includes a home stay)
Is Tunisia Safe?

In January 2011 Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution sparked a wave of change across North Africa and the Middle East.  Many people want to know if it is safe to visit Tunisia today.

In short, yes, it is safe to visit Tunisia now.  Engaging Cultures Travel is currently hosting groups who freely and safely visit the best sites in the country.  Our representatives live in Tunisia and work closely with local suppliers to design creative itineraries with careful attention to safety.  We know the country well, speak the languages and accompany all our tours.  Tunisia as a country also takes great care to protect its vital tourism industry and ensure the safety of its visitors.  As Tunisia shapes its future, we will regularly assess the changes occurring in the country and evaluate their impact on safe travel for our valued clients.  We hope that you will trust us to show you the new (and very ancient) Tunisia.

Is Jordan Safe?

Some of our travelers have told us that their friends and family were concerned that they were traveling to the Middle East.

Unfortunately, the perception in the West is that the Middle East is dangerous and not safe for travelers.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  During the unrest in the region in the spring of 2011, Jon and Daniel of Engaging Cultures hitchhiked across Jordan to show travelers how safe it truly is.  You can read about what happened here.

We have Engaging Cultures representatives from the U.S. who live on site in Jordan and Tunisia.  If you want an up to the minute assessment of what it is like for travelers, do not hesitate to contact us.