“Petra: Lost City of Stone” aired on PBS’s NOVA program last week (video below).  The feature is one of the most fascinating pieces we’ve seen on Petra.  If you are in the U.S., watch now, while it’s free!

Geoscientist, Dr. Tom Paradise (whom we’ve been lucky enough to Interview; see video links below) and others walk us through how early engineers carved tombs into rock cliffs and funnel water to this desert city.

They even carve a full size replica of a Nabatean Tomb into a sandstone wall in Southern California! The feature really is a must watch if you will be touring Petra soon or “she” has already left her mark on you.

Here are some other videos worth watching before your visit:

Dr. Tom Paradise – Preserving Petra

Dr. Tom Paradise – Why Visit Jordan?

Petra, Jordan – Time Scanners PBS Program