• شهادات مؤثرة من سائحين في الأردن- Beautiful testimonials about...

    عندما تزور الأردن بالتأكيد ستجد العديد من الأمور التي ستحبها! شهادات مؤثرة من سائحين في الأردن No matter where you’re from, you will definitely find something to love about Jordan. Beautiful visitor testimonials about our beautiful country

    Posted by Queen Rania on Thursday, January 21, 2016

Is Jordan Safe to Travel 2016?

What is the current situation in Jordan for travelers? Is it safe to visit Jordan in 2016? The reality in Jordan could not be more opposite than the perception portrayed by Western media. As Americans living on the [...]

“What you guys do has to be the highlight of my travels. (And I’ve been wined and dined in the Paris Opera House and traveled on private trains with world famous guides). What you do gave me more understanding of a people and culture in a week than I would have thought possible!”
Kathy, from the USA.