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Jon has lived in Jordan for many years, speaks the local Arabic dialect, and is passionate about introducing guests to remarkable Jordanians.

How to Cross from Jordan to Israel-Palestine via Allenby Bridge

Crossing into Israel/Palestine from Jordan can be a bit intimidating for some travelers. Here’s a step by step of how to cross from Jordan to Israel-Palestine via Allenby Bridge, also known as the King Hussein Bridge.

Why Use the Allenby Bridge Crossing from Jordan to Israel/Palestine?

The Allenby/King Hussein Bridge is the most accessible crossing from Amman to […]

Why Take a Jordan Tour? The Definitive Guide

Why Tour Jordan?

Like you, I have personally experienced the transformative power of travel. This is one of the reasons I settled in Jordan; a small country with amazing sites, limitless potential for adventure, and some of the friendliest people on the planet. Travel magazines are now highlighting why a Jordan tour is a must for […]