How Long Should You Visit Petra?

Jordan’s Petra is one of the most impressive archaeological sites our world has to offer. It is no surprise it was named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. A common misconception is that Petra only includes the iconic Treasury facade, carved into the sandstone that you see on posters; however, the Treasury is only one of more than 800 monuments within the Petra Archaeological Park which stretches over an area of 264 square kilometers.

Seeing the full park is difficult, given that the park’s sheer size requires a significant amount of hiking. So stretching your visit to Petra across two days will give you an opportunity to see more of what Petra has to offer. It also gives you an opportunity to meet local Bedouins who have lived in Petra for decades.

Here is a suggested itinerary:

First Day

  • Enter Petra through main entrance and take the Siq to the Treasury.
  • Hike from treasury to the High Place of Sacrifice and exit toward the Royal Tombs.
  • Exit back through the main entrance, past the Treasury.
  • Drive to Ammarin Bedouin Camp. Stay overnight.

Second Day

  • Camel ride from Ammarin Camp to the back entrance to Petra.
  • Back hike to Monastery with local guide.
  • Hike through Petra to the Treasury.

This level of customized travel is difficult to do, but experienced travel guides can help you connect to the right people so you can get the most enjoyment out of your time in Petra.

If you have a better itinerary for your group, we still recommend taking as much time as possible to see the wonders of Petra. If camping isn’t your preference, get in touch for our preferred hotels in Petra.


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