We have a fear problem.  While Ebola and ISIS are real issues that need addressed, there is another culprit lurking that we need to be aware of: fear.

“It’s tempting to panic, or to turn away, or to lock up or isolate everyone who makes us nervous.  But we can (and must) do better than that.  Panic, like terror, is also a virus, one that spreads.  “We have an urgent and tragic medical problem, no doubt, but we also have a marketing problem”. – Seth Goden in We have Ebola.

The mainline media doesn’t do Jordan any favors (it’s one of our biggest challenges).  However, in the case of Jordan, the perception that a visit is unsafe could not be farther from the truth.  We currently have travelers experiencing Jordan from the north to the south and they only find the country and the people of Jordan extremely welcoming.  The safety of the country and her hospitality is the most pleasant surprise to our guests.  Life really could not be more normal here.

 Visit Jordan recently posted a series of You Tube Videos from everyday travelers in Jordan.  If you are planning a Jordan tour, people on the ground who live there and recent travelers are the best people to connect with.

A few months ago, when asked if Jordan was safe to travel on Twitter, Matthew Teller (author of the Rough Guide Jordan) recently responded “…talk to people in Jordan…have a look at their feeds, get the mood, see who they’re talking to, pick up conversations etc…”  We could not agree more.  Come join and connect with those on the ground…here’s a list to start you off:
@eculturesdaniel (me).
@EngageCultures (Yes this is us! We live here, have kids in school, and are lucky enough to share life with Jordanians on a daily basis).

Drop any of us a line. We want you to have a wonderful Jordan experience.  Also, check out Visit Jordan’s videos below to get a glimpse of what people are saying today.