Stargazing in Wadi Rum (As Told by GIFs of The Lion King)

The Wadi Rum desert in southern Jordan is an out-of-this-world experience. From the red sand and seemingly endless landscape of high mountains, to the nighttime silence and clear skies, there are not many places or experiences that can beat it.

A special aspect of visiting the Wadi Rum is the ability to see a clear sky of stars at night. Playing in the red sand dunes and taking a jeep tour during the day are great, but the full beauty of the Wadi Rum cannot be fully seen or appreciated without staying overnight in the desert to take in the beauty of the night sky. I’ve entrusted the help of The Lion King to help me explain what a night of stargazing in the Wadi Rum is like:

First, you watch the Sunset and take in the beauty of the colorful sky.


As the sun goes down, you’re on the lookout for the very first star to appear.


Eventually, the sky is dark with only the moon and the stars. If you’re lucky, you’ll be visiting on a night when the moon is as small as possible, so you’ll see even more stars.


At first, the waiting and watching is a time full of energy and fun.


You’re joking around with your friends and having the best time.


As you begin to grow more tired, the conversation begins to get deeper.


Conspiracy theories may arise. What are stars, anyway?



Friends start sharing personal stories and feelings, and this is the point where real bonding occurs.


You and your friends may start to doze off but keep each other awake. It will be worth it!


Finally, around 3 a.m., the sky is at its clearest point and you can really soak in the full grandeur of the stars, even if you can barely keep your eyes open.


The sunrise will begin not too long after this, so you may as well stay up to see that too!


At this point you can take a couple of hours and get some rest. You deserve it!


Then you’ll wake up ready to spend another great day exploring the expanses of Wadi Rum!



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